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About Us

Janus is a successful rock band that has been creating music since 1971. Our music has been featured in TV and film, we've done session work in Nashville, had a couple of minor hits, but our original "Gravedigger" album, is STILL Played at least 10 times a day, somewhere in the world..... which probably makes one of the us the best kept secrets in the industry.

Roy Yates

Colin Orr

Derek Hyett & Bruno Lord

Keith Bonthrone

Mick Peberdy

Our Music

Explore our various album releases and experience the magic of Janus through our music. From classic hits to modern tunes, we have something for everyone.

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Watch our music come to life with our music videos. Experience the energy and passion of Janus in action.


Learn more about the incredible journey of Janus. From humble beginnings to international acclaim, our story is one worth exploring.

Bruno Lord

Colin Orr

Paul (and Helena!) Phoenix

        Paul May                           Dean Houston                   Sandy Bartai                               Natalie Brown

Colin Orr, Bruno Lord, Keith Bonthrone.                                                Colin Orr, Alicia Bogdano, Chris Haseleu, Nick Morrow

                                                                                                                       The "Gravedigger" remix team in Nashville in 2013

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